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FLEX is the worlds number 1, hardcore bodybuilding magazine! Every month we talk to the best pros on the planet to get the inside scoop on how the best in the world get to the top and stay there...

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FLEX brings state-of-the-art information from the champions to you instantly and accurately in order to help you to reach your ultimate muscular goals by the fastest route possible.

FLEX is the only bodybuilding magazine the champions themselves read, because they know what they can learn from their fellow competitors. The champions consider FLEX the bible of hardcore bodybuilding. You should do the same, and guarantee yourself a direct pipeline to the stars every month.

We learn the latest strategies the champions are using to develop their title-winning physiques, we see the evidence of how effective their: training guides, techniques & nutrition are by the sheer size and definition of their muscles. Regular advice on what food you should be eating to fuel your workouts and recovery. Muscle growth, health, fitness and gym equipment focussed articles in every issue cover a huge spectrum of bodybuilding interests.

In FLEX, you see no rehashes of old information, no miracle cures, no make-believe theories from armchair experts. You will be hearing directly and accurately from the champions themselves – how they train, what they eat, how they live. They talk to FLEX because they trust us to present their expertise faithfully to the bodybuilding community.

FLEX is not just another bodybuilding magazine: 'It is the voice of the champions!'

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